About the Story

LA VIE DIVINE! is about the famous turn-of-the-century French actress Sarah Bernhardt. Renowned for her golden voice and her ability to fully inhabit the roles she played, "the Divine Sarah" moved beyond the stilted, artificial portrayals common in theater at the end of the 19th century and brought a more realistic drama to the stage.

The theme of the play is a simple one: passion! Sarah arrives dressed as Hamlet–a role she undertook despite the doubting critics of her time. The device is pure Sarah. A true diva and perhaps the first international superstar, she played such diverse characters as Camille, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc and Tosca–and she lived her life as largely off stage as she did on the boards. During the play, she recounts how passion pushed her along and kept her acting long after others would have retired–or died.