Amelia's View Through Pilot Eyes
From Amelia’s View Through Pilot Eyes
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About the Story

DARING TO DREAM is about the life and last flight of the famous aviatrix Amelia Earhart. The first woman to attempt an around-the-world flight on a course approximating the equator, Amelia was idolized during her life.

Her disappearance evoked tears – and sparked numerous theories as to her ultimate fate. Those theories continue to be debated even today.

At the start of the play, Amelia arrives as if she has just stepped off one of her planes and proceeds to tell the story of how she came to be a pilot and, more importantly, what that meant to her.

In the course of the recollection, her spirit, drive and strong commitment to equal rights for women become clear. More than a simple biography, the piece is designed as an encouragement to all to reach for the stars.

I was commissioned to write Daring to Dream by the Zonta International chapter in Naples, Florida, to help that group celebrate both its founding and the role that Amelia, a Zonta member, played in the national organization. Zonta has established a fellowship in Amelia’s name that has helped more than 1000 young women pursue careers related to flight.

A collaboration with visual artist Jo-Ann Lizio led to the creation of Amelia’s View Through Pilot Eyes, a shorter 20-minute presentation. Inspired by Jo-Ann’s haunting work, "Pilot Eyes," the piece has Amelia Earhart talking about herself and five other early female pilots and the challenges they faced.